Monday, June 21, 2010

Jail time?

On Saturday we took the kids to jail. No really, we did.

Ramsey county opened up the Sheriff's office for tours, it only happens every few years and hey who doesn't want to see jail right?

So we packed the kids up and off we went for a day of fun.

When we got there they had a ton of cars, ATVs, boats and swat vehicles there all lined up, most had their lights on and that got the kids excited. We decided to take the tour first, it's an hour tour and we wanted that out of the way.

It was very neat to see everything, we got to see 911 communications center, the gun range, a courtroom, the SWAT training area and even got to go into one of the ten jail pods. It was all very cool to see how things worked behind the scenes and all. The kids had fun and at the end got lots of little goodies to take home with them.

After the tour was done we headed back outside to check out all the vehicles and cool toys they have. Overall it was a great fun time to see things you normally don't get to see.