Monday, June 28, 2010

Bye Bye June

Can you believe June is almost over with? It seems like school was just let out and here we are 3 weeks later and it's almost the 4th of July.

This past week it actually started to feel like summer vacation, Wyatt was done with camp, Mark was on vacation and we have no where to go, we hung out at home a lot and it was fun. Wyatt and Lucy played outside from sun up to sun down and we barely heard from them, thats good I suppose, but me being the nervous type I was constantly checking on them and yelling for them. They play house, or cars or whatever else sparks their imagination.

Zack is getting more and more obsessed with The Wiggles, as soon as that boy wakes up he is asking for them. He dances and hums along and it's quite cute really

Other than that it's business as usual around here, lots of playing outside and relaxing. Ahh summer!

Here is a pic of Wy and Lucy at the airshow

Monday, June 21, 2010

Jail time?

On Saturday we took the kids to jail. No really, we did.

Ramsey county opened up the Sheriff's office for tours, it only happens every few years and hey who doesn't want to see jail right?

So we packed the kids up and off we went for a day of fun.

When we got there they had a ton of cars, ATVs, boats and swat vehicles there all lined up, most had their lights on and that got the kids excited. We decided to take the tour first, it's an hour tour and we wanted that out of the way.

It was very neat to see everything, we got to see 911 communications center, the gun range, a courtroom, the SWAT training area and even got to go into one of the ten jail pods. It was all very cool to see how things worked behind the scenes and all. The kids had fun and at the end got lots of little goodies to take home with them.

After the tour was done we headed back outside to check out all the vehicles and cool toys they have. Overall it was a great fun time to see things you normally don't get to see.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

School's out for summer!

Yes I am singing that Alice Cooper song

Yesterday was Wyatt's last day of school and to be honest as I sit here this morning and write out this post, I wish school was all summer long. It's 9am here and Wyatt and Lucy are already fighting.

I don't remember fighting with my sisters this much, maybe I did, I will have to ask my mom. But they are fighting now, first it was about who could go into the fort first, then it was over who's blanket was going to be used for on top of the fort and now it's about what movie they are going to watch. I feel a very long summer coming on...

With that being said Wyatt finished 1st grade and Lucy finished her first year of preschool. Both kids go back August 31st. Maybe I will start a countdown clock.....

It's been nice weather here and the kids have had a blast playing outside, we bought them 2 water slides ( thank you Target for having them on sale!) and we also got about 400 water balloons. Good times!

Zack has found a new BFF in The Wiggles, for some reason I decided to put in the DVD for him and well now we watch it daily, sometimes 2-3 times a day. Some days he dances through the entire movie, other times he pulls up a chair and blanket and relaxes. A certain other boy in this family used to love them too.....

Playing in the sprinkler, the sprinker is on, they thought it would be fun to put it under the chairs and goof around