Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Weekend Fun!

Happy Memorial Day! Did everyone have fun? We stayed home this weekend, my sister moved back in with us for a few months so we did a BBQ on Saturday and another one today. The kids played on their slip n slides and we did a water balloon fight that was pretty fun!

Wyatt has 5 days of school left and then it's freedom! No more getting up early to make lunches, drive kids to school, find matching clothes, etc... I just hope I can keep my sanity this summer with the older two, they fight like they are an old married couple and some days our nerves are just worn thin!

But let's just keep our fingers crossed that they get along and I am not putting out "fires" all summer long

Just a side note, Zack was very tired when these pics were taken, it was a long day and he only had one nap, so please excuse his lack of expressions


Kristi said...

Such a big boy!