Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Celebrating Wyatt's 7th Birthday!

I know I know, Wyatt's birthday isn't until Mid-April, but Mark had the day off, the kids were off for spring break, so we decided to celebrate early.

Of course Wy wanted to go to Mall of America so we packed up and went. Everyone had a great time, even Zack went on a few rides. He was quite unsure on a few of them but grew to love them.

We spent 6 hours out there going on rides and walking around and by the end of the day everyone was so tired. BUT it was a windy day and Wyatt wanted to fly his new kite, so when we got home we went down to the baseball fields and played for a bit.

Here are pictures from the day

Zack checking out the sites

All 3 kids and Mark on the trucks. You can't see Zack but he is sitting next to Mark, Wy and Lucy are in the cab

Lucy, Mark and Wyatt are in the back row