Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bad Blogger

I know, it's been a week or more since an update, I am a bad blogger. Sorry!

So I think where I last left off Zack was sick, today finally he is better! The molars are still coming in, but the cold he had is gone.

This past Friday night we had some excitement here, Wyatt slammed Lucy's index finger in his bedroom door and cut it 95% off. We heard the door slam, Lucy started crying but it sounded like any other cry. Mark went over to see what was going on and yelled for me to call 911. I went into the bathroom to see what was going on and there was blood everywhere and the top of Lucy's finger was hanging there. So I called 911 and asked them what to do, if an ambulance should come or we take her. They said either one. We decided on an ambulance for a few reasons. I would have had to get Wy and Zack both dressed, get Zack's sippy/snacks etc... and they would have taken 20 minutes at least, also Zack was still coughing and had a runny nose and he would not have been allowed back in the room.

So Mark rode with Lucy and I waited for a family member to come and I headed down. They numbed it, cleaned it, took xrays to make sure she didn't cut off any bone and then started stitching her up. Only they didn't put enough lidocain in and Lucy felt the entire first stitch. We have never heard her scream and cry like that, it was awful. They put more in and were able to do the other 3 stitches without any problems. So 4 in all.

We go back on Monday the 22nd to have the stitches taken out and go from there. The ER doctor said there is a good chance she will keep the tip, but as of today she is starting to get black dots all over it and that is not a good sign, so we are watching it today and will take her in tomorrow if it gets any worse.

She is such a trooper and has done great with the pain and all. She even went bowling with us on Saturday night. It was grandpa's 83rd birthday and we all went bowling. Here are a few pics from that night

Wyatt helping Lucy put her bowling shoes on