Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sledding fun!

It has finally gotten a littler warmer here, well, if you call 30 warm, but hey it works for us, so we got the kids bundled up and took them sledding in the backyard. We have a great hill that not too steep and prefect for them.

First Wyatt took Zack around the front yard, this was Zack's first time being out in the snow.

Then When Wyatt was taking him around a third time he fell out of the sled and he was done with that.

Wyatt got him to sit back in the sled and for a photo

And we attempted a group photo. This was the best of the 6 I took

We headed to the backyard so the older two could go sledding down the hill

Zack was content sitting on the ground watching them

Everyone had a great time!