Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Best Buds?

For the most part Wyatt and Lucy don't get along. It's true, they fight and argue over anything and everything. But ever since Christmas we have noticed they have been playing together more and more and getting along.

We think they both are starting to realize how much fun they can have when they do play together and get along. We still get the random tattletale from them, but it's actually been kind of peaceful here.

For anyone that has been to my house that is quite odd lol

And then there is this picture, taken this morning before school, notice the look on Wy's face, he is actually mad because I asked Lucy to hold Zack and not him. Grrr..... I don't think I will ever win lol

And finally I want to wish my newphew a HUGE Happy First Birthday!!! Little E has come a long long way from being born early and spending his first month in the NICU, to now where is as cute as can be and is a happy fun loving 1 year old!

Happy First Birthday Little E!!!