Thursday, December 3, 2009

Update and a video!

So we went to the dr on Tuesday, we got in right away and the dr popped off one side of the bandage and it came right off!

Turns out he used glue on the outside and disovable stitches on the inside so there was nothing to take out! Very nice!

Test results came back as it being a Lymphangioma only, so no cancer! Woohoo!!!

Dr said he can and will get more, but they won't be so fast to take them out now that they know what it is.

He has a nice 3 inch scar that will take a year to heal fully but we will take it! I tried getting a picture of the scar today, but that didn't work, so I will try again tomorrow.

But I did get a video of him walking!!


Kristi said...

Dude! He looks like a total pro! Looooove it!