Monday, December 21, 2009

His first shiner

Zack got his first black eye tonight. I should start out by saying it's been a terrible few days for him. Wednesday night he came down with a fever, a pretty high one too that didn't break until Saturday morning.

Then this morning he wakes up and his entire body is covered in hives. So I call his doctor to get him seen. We get there she looks him over and we discover he has a massive ear infection, in the same ear as when he had surgery. She thinks it could still be the same ear infection. Poor baby!!

So we got him some new stronger meds amd he naps most of the afternoon. Come tonight Wyatt and Zack are goofing around together and Zack starts screaming, turns out Wy bumped him with a toy on the face. We didn't see anything and once he was calmed down he went back to play. Fast forward 30 minutes and his eye is red and swollen. Oh boy. I bet it's going to look great in the morning lol

Here are some pictures of the poor little guy.

Here's to a better tomorrow Zacky!