Saturday, November 21, 2009

Update #2

Ok, so I think I left off on Friday morning, we were supposed to have a CT scan to see what the mass was. I stayed with Zack at the hospital and when we woke up Friday morning we had doctor after docter come in and look at it. Around 11am the ENT specialist came in and took a look at it. After asking many questions and feeling it for 10 minutes he said it was one of 2 things, a cyst or a tumor--meaning cancer. Only 2 things can grow that fast and get that big in a matter of hours.

When I heard those words come from his mouth panic set in. He decided instead of a CT scan that Zack needed a MRI, they needed to "see" deeper inside the mass. He also made the decision that no matter what it was, it was coming out on Monday. So the decision was made and the doctors had to do a bunch of arm pulling to get Zack into the MRI at the scheduled time of 1, which was the time of his CT scan. He had not eaten since 6am and well, you tell a 13 month old no food lol.

Finally we got in. We took him down for the MRI and I held him as they put him to sleep. One of the hardest things ever. MRI took an hour and they brought him into us still asleep. They said it would take 20-30 minutes for him to wake up.

My stress level is at the top and him not waking up on time is making it worse. After an hour he still had not woken up so they took him upstairs back to his room. Mark carried him and lifted him in his crib and he woke up. I lost it. I grabbed him and hugged him and was sobbing my eyes out. My baby was back.

So we had to sit and wait for the results, after an hour or so the doctor came in and said it was one of 2 things, just like he thought, a cancerous tumor or Lymphangioma--which is a rare cyst filled with tissue and fluid.

They decided to let us go for the weekend since it's not directly afecting his airway and we have to be back Monday for surgery, After surgery is done we will get it tested to find out 100% what it is.

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers, it truly helps us get through this difficult time. I will update on here & my facebook once we know more

Here is a video of Zack from Friday morning, you can see the mass on his neck