Tuesday, November 3, 2009

So it's been awhile....

I know, it's been a long time since an update, but so much has been going on here. Finally this week I think it's going to finally calm down. October is always our busy month.

So let's see where to start...

On Saturday the 24th we had planned to have Zack's 1st birthday party. My cousin Amy was in the hospital and we knew things were touch and go. That morning as we were getting the house ready I got the call that I needed to come say goodbye. So we put a hold on the party and pushed it back a few hours. I met my entire family down at the hospital and we all got to say our goodbye's to sweet Amy girl.

I came back and frosted my litted heart out and got 2 dozen cupcakes frosted along with his cake. A few family members came and we did our best to celebreate Zack's birthday. Late that night we got the news that Amy girl had passed. She is now among the angels flying high.

The week that followed that Saturday was busy with family, we had Amy's wake and funeral and it was just a lot of remembering her and laughing about all the good times. Tuesday was also Mark's and my's 8 year anniversary! So we went out to dinner and had a great time.

So now we are onto Halloween, it was fun! My sister and her family came out, our mom was also here and then Mark's mom and brother came as well with his daughter.

We carved pumpkins, decorated the yard, had dinner, got the kids dressed and off they went! Everyone had a great time and got lots of candy.

I realized I never posted pictures from Lucy's birthday party and I have Zack's left to post too, so that will be this week. For now, enjoy the Halloween pics!

Lucy's Pumpkin

Everett's Pumpkin--there is a little "E" carved into the side of it too :)

Wyatt's Pumpkin--he says it had the chicken pox

Zack's Pumpkin

The entire group

We had to change Lucy's costume, the other one was just too small

Zack watching all the kids

Mason didn't like Wyatt's mask

The house all decorated, with the fog machine going off