Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cabin fun

We were up at the cabin this past weekend, we just went for the day but we had tons of fun!

It was raining at first so we made a trip to Bargain Bills, it's a warehouse full of random cool stuff. They have an awesome crafting section, I could have spent hours, but the kids wanted to swim. By the time we got out of Bargain Bills the weather had cleared and it was hot and muggy.

We went swimming, did some frog catching and Zack tried his first cookie. He loved it!

My aunt Sandy outside of Louie's Meats

Zack getting ready to get in, once Mark and I got in we decided it was too cold for him.

Wyatt had just caught a frog here

First bite of a cookie. Watch his shirt as you go through the pictures, it gets messier and messier with each bite lol

Inside joke here for my mom and aunts lol

And that was our weekend!