Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Some Summer Fun!

Things are busy here, thats why the delay is posting. Ever since we got back from vacation I feel like 10 steps behind!

Today I feel like we can catch up some, and I am finally able to get on a post a blog


On Monday the kiddo's were begging me to go swimming, and it wasn't hot enough to get the pool out, so I suggested using the sprinkler, yep that worked!

No need for swim suits, it was bath night anyway, so why not let them have some fun right?

Zack wanted no part in that, so he sat next to me reading a magazine


Kristi said...

They look like they had a blast! Man - Lucy is getting "huge!" in quotes because she looks totally proportionate . What happened to that little baby girl?!? I love it! And her hair? Gush. How tall is she now? What size are her feet? I know, look at me all curious. But I am!

Jamie said...

She is not so little anymore!

She is close to Wyatt in height, he is 53", and her shoe size is 12.5 lol

She is still of course my diva!