Thursday, July 2, 2009


Fawn-doe-rosa is a wildlife park in St.Croix Falls, WI. I have been going up there as long as I can remember. It's always been on the way to the cabin and at least once a year my parents took us girls.

You get to feed the animals, they roam free within the park. So you have deer, ducks, chickens, goats, bunnies and lots more. It's always been a fun place to go.

Mark and I started taking our kids back when Wyatt was a few years old. We took them again on day #5 of our vacation. We were heading up to the cabin for 3 days of fun and Fawn-doe-Rosa was our first stop!

We met my aunt Sandy, my mom and sister Chelsea and my other sister Emily and her family up there.

This is the first year where Lucy really got into feeding the animals

This guy was digging around looking for more food

After he was done looking, he went over to Zack, licked him on the head then headed off to see who else had food for him

Feeding goats

My aunt Sandy was determined to "goose" a goose

Got him!

Zack didn't know what to think of these guys

Oh yeah, they had bears. (shudders) Anyone that knows me knows I am teriffied of bears. Thankfully these were locked up and I got one picture then got out of there!

In the bag of food you get there are dog biscuits that the bears love, so here is everyone else throwing their biscuits to the bears

My farmer

My boys

Pony Rides

And with that we were done and headed up to the cabin! We had a good time and ended up coming home a day early, but all is well and we had a good weekend at home.

So that was our vacation, we had a blast and can't wait until next summer to take our next one. This time hopefully to visit my good friend Kim Anne and her family out in Wyoming!