Friday, June 26, 2009

North Shore Vacation day #3 Part 1

Part 1 of Day #3 was Tuesday, that morning we checked out of our hotel early, like 9am and took the kids to the park to play before we headup to the north shore.

While we were playing the train that we rode on Monday passed us by with a new set of passengers

After playtime we were off! Two Harbors is 22 miles from Duluth. Our lake home was there, but checkin time was not until 4pm so we had an entire day to spend. Mark suggested we drive up to Grand Marais, and while I was not to happy with the idea at first (it's almost a 2 hour drive) I am happy that we did go.

There were many stop along the way, about 35 miles outside of Two Harbors is Split Rock Lighthouse, we stopped in and took a tour. It's such a beautiful place and the views are amazing

The water is really this blue, this is not re touched at all

Here we are about 15 miles from Grand Marais, this is a favorite beach of ours, we always stop when we head up there

mark taught the kids that they can break open some of the rocks up there and see tiny crystals, so here is Wyatt giving it a try. See that ring on his finger? He found it at the park on Monday and he wore it the entire trip.

Lucy insisted that her and Mark were to go swimming in the big pool as she called it, so Mark told her they were going to test the waters first. What Lucy didn't know is that the lake doesn't get above 45 degrees ever, so it's very cold!

Zack could not get over all the rocks and he spent most of the time sitting, picking them up and dropping them

I think Mark is saying that Zack is heavy.....

We left the beach and headed up to Grand Marais, we went on a short walk then we ate at Sven and Ole's, a famous pizza joint.

Wyatt found the stick and it ended up coming home with us