Thursday, June 25, 2009

North Shore Vacation day #2 Part 2!

Part 2 of day #2 of our north shore vacation!

So after the train ride we went back to the hotel to hang out for a bit. Zack needed to nap and the kids needed to wind down. So we turned on cartoons and everyone laid in bed watched tv. We ordered in pizza for dinner, a quick easy meal and when that was done we were off to the Vista Cruise! It's a decent sized ship that takes you around the harbor of Duluth and explains the history of it all. While the kids would not understand that part, I thought they would be excited to at least go on a boat ride.

Here is a picture of the boat we rode on

So our cruise ran from 5-7pm and it was really nice out so we were all excited

First we got to go out of the harbor and onto Lake Superior, so they had to life the bridge for us, Wyatt thought that was very cool since we had just walked accross that yesterday

After being out on the lake for 10 minutes we went back into the harbor. We happened to choose a great time to take the cruise, there were many other ships leaving and we got to see them up close

I should point out that Mark took pics for the rest of the cruise, Zack had fallen asleep on me and well, you can't take decent pics with a sleeping baby on your lap. I think he did really good using my camera!

Remember the ship Alexia from day #1? Here she is getting pulled out of dock by a tugboat after filling up with grain

Lots of Iron Ore

Made by GE, so of course Mark had to take a picture of the windmill parts lol

After the cruise we took the kids to the giftshop and they got to pick out a new toy, Wyatt picked a die cast mail car and Lucy picked a pirate ship. We went back to the hotel so they could play. We did go swimming that night and the kids had a blast in the pool! Zack and I statyed in the hotel room to get things cleaned up since we were checking out that next morning.

Good bye Duluth, Hello Two Harbors!


Kristi said...

We took pics of "wind mill" parts on our vacation too! LOL too funny!