Monday, June 1, 2009

Last week of school!

This is Wy's last week of school and I am so proud of what he has done in 1 year of Kindergarten! He has come so far and he is going to do great in the years to come.

This week is casual week so no more uniforms, he is very happy about that and on Wednesday they head to the Minnesota Zoo for the day.

Now I am happy that he is done, but a little nervous on how to keep him busy all summer without losing much of what he has learned.

So I have thought of a few fun projects to keep him going and I am thinking we will have family field trips during the week to keep both kids busy. Fingers crossed that it's not a long summer!

This weekend was pretty mellow, on Saturday we went to a BBQ at my aunt's house, she made ribs and all the fixins, it was good stuff!

Sunday was a hang at home day, we did venture out to the grocery store, but that's about all the excitement we had lol

Wyatt and Lucy were not in a picture taking mood this weekend, so all I have is a cute one of Zack playing in the front yard