Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rainy Wednesday

Good morning! Hope your week has been going well so far!

I am back to post some more pictures from the cabin--Yay!!!

So we went up 2 Saturday's ago to put the dock, boat lift and boat in. It's always a fun day, even though we work. Every year it's different, like this year the water is really low, so the dock went out far and the boat lift had to go much deeper than it usually does. Then there is always the fun of trying to get the awning on the boat lift and backing the boat down the hill to get it in the water. It's just so much fun! No one fell in the water this year and the boys even got some fishing in later in the evening. It's sad knowing that this was our last time doing all this, it's my Grandparent's cabin and Grandpa isn't doing so well, so we know the cabin will be sold here soon.

So here is a picture overload for you!

Mark and I waiting to get all the stuff in

Some of the kids with my mom

Wyatt and Mark fishing

The kids and their Uncle James on the trampoline--he had them flying!

See how high he was jumping?

Then my sister got on...

We went in and had sloppy joes for dinner, here is Grandpa playing on the floor with Zack

And finally my sweet little newphew