Thursday, April 2, 2009

Poor Wyatt

Wyatt came down with food poisoning! On Monday he was laying on the couch and it just hit, throw up all over and it's been a mess since then. We don't know what he ate, we have it narrowed down to two different items, but are having a hard time with picking what did it.

So he has been laid up on the couch since Monday afternoon, even now Thursday morning he is still sick, the throwing up part has stopped, but it's coming out other places if you know what I mean. We are doing our best to keep him hydrated and such, so far today he has been able to eat a poptart and drink lots of water, and as I type this he is singing the theme song to Handy Manny. So things are looking up, finally!

We were supposed to take him to Mall of America tomorrow to celebrate his birthday but we have to cancel, I fear he is too weak to go on all those rides. Poor guy!

Here is a pic of Mr. Chubby all happy chewing on his hands.