Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Easter and Happy Birthday Wyatt!

We had a busy Easter weekend, we hope yours was fun!

Saturday we went out to Mark's Grandparents farm and had dinner, it was great catching up with everyone! The kids ate, which is huge because they are both so picky when it comes to food. I did have peanut butter sandwichs hidden away just in case. You never know and the kids can't go hungry. :)

Sunday we had church with mom and all my sisters and their families. It was so cool to see all the kids there, in total my mom has 7 grandkids and there was a lot of baby passing as my one sister has a 10 week old and my other sister has a 5 week old, then of course Zack.

After church we came back to our house and had an Easter egg hunt for the 4 older kids, I think they had fun!

We all then headed to my aunt's house for brunch. That was our Easter!

Yesterday was Wyatt's 6th birthday, he was SO excited! He had a great day, cinnamon rolls for breakfast, pizza for lunch and dinner and lots of phone calls from family members. His party is this Saturday and he can't wait to play with all of his friends.

OH OH and other big news! Zack's bottom tooth popped on Saturday! We were over at Em's house and for giggles I stuck my finger in his mouth to see and there is was! Yay Zack!!!

So here is a picture overload from the weekend

Dying Eggs with Aunt Chelsea

The kids getting ready for the hunt!