Thursday, April 23, 2009

The big update!

So here is the big update that I promised yesterday.

Let's see, where to start..

Friday night was Wyatt's School's K-2 musical. Lucy was with her Grandma, so Mark, Zack and I went. It was a cute program with lots of singing. Wyatt had 1 speaking part and I am working on getting the video uploaded so you can see it.

When we got home from the musical Wyatt was complaining about his loose tooth, so Mark stuck his hand in there and yanked it out! Just like that! Wyatt was so excited that he ran to me showing me the new hole in his mouth and his little baby tooth. The tooth fairy brought him $4 for the very first tooth, he thought that was pretty cool

Friday night I became sick, felt like the flu. Ugh. Woke up Saturday morning feeling like junk, but it was Wyatt's birthday party, so I had to get up and get going. We had the party at Wooddale Fun Zone, it's a skating rink, play area and arcade all in one. No one went skating, but they did do the arcade and play area. We had 12 kids that came so we were very busy watching everyone! Wyatt had a great time and got lots of great gifts! Thanks to Linny and Chelsea for helping us out!

The rest of the weekend was all spent at home due to Lucy, Zack and I being sick.

Mark stayed home on Monday and took Lucy and Zack to the doctor, Lucy has a double ear infection and Zack is fine. On Monday I thought I woulc check Zack's tooth out and turns out the other bottom one came in! Go Zack!

Tuesday morning Lucy woke up and told me her ear was wet, I checked it out and her eardrum had ruptured. Poor girl, there was blood and pus all over. So we had to call the doctor back and get more drops for her ears to protect from infection.

So that has been our week so far. As I type this Wyatt is sick on the couch, looks like our colds got him too. Poor guy, he is missing his first day of school this year today.

Here are a few pics that I have been meaning to post

Zack fell asleep on the changing table, we were just about to change his diaper