Friday, March 6, 2009

Time Flies!

Can you believe that Zack is 5 months old today? I can't. I feel like we just brought this big guy home! He is as happy as ever and is getting much better, the runny nose has stopped and most of the cough is gone, so that is great news.

This week at Wy's school it's National Lutheran School's week, so they have a lot of fun things planned, the kids get to dress up each day with different stuff and today, the last day is VIP day. Wyatt got to choose 1 person to come to his school and have as his special VIP person. He choose my aunt Sandy, she is very happy and they are there now having fun together.

So on Monday it was hat/color day, he wore green and a hat, Tuesday was a field trip to Concordia University, so he had to dress up in his choir outfit, Wednesday was wacky Wednesday, he had to dress wacky, Thrusday was sports day and today is VIP day.

Here are pics from Tuesday and Wednesday:

Wyatt picked out his own clothes for wacky Wednesday, it was pretty funny watching him pick out what he wanted to wear.

Last night the kids were acting pretty goofy, Wyatt was Wyatt likes to look lol

These pics were taken while they were brushing their teeth, getting ready for bed

Have a good weekend!!