Monday, March 23, 2009

In and Out

What goes out must come in, thats the case here with teeth. Wyatt has a loose bottom tooth and Zack has a tooth just about to pop through. What timing!

Wyatt is quite proud of his wiggly tooth, even though it grosses me out. I am not a tooth person lol He wiggles it all around and is so excited for the tooth fairy to come.

Zack on the other hand is not having a good time, his poor cheeks are red all day long and we are giving him medicine and lots of cold chew toys. Time will only tell when both little surprises will happen!

We finally have some spring like weather here and it's been wonderful to get the kids outside to run and play


Anonymous said...

I cant believe my wywy is so big he is loseing his first tooth!!! I remember when he was born, and OMG Zacky i cant believe your getting your first tooth i remember coming to see him the day he was born.... omg my babies are growing up so fast!!!