Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Imaginary friends

It seems that Lucy has an imaginary friend now. Her name is Cassie and from what Lucy tells me Cassie is much bigger than me, so she can spank me and put me in a time out if I don't do what Lucy says.

Alrighty then....

This is all brand new to us, as Wyatt didn't have an imaginary friend at all. Today Lucy took all of my craft paints out and threw them on the floor only to tell me it was not her, it was Cassie. Yesterday when she was jumping on the bed and I told her to stop she said Cassie was telling her to jump.

Oh brother.

We often hear her talking to herself or it sounds like she is talking to someone, well, this just all fits in now, our guess is that she was talking with Cassie. It's very interesting to watch this, we will see how long it lasts.

In other news nothing on the tooth front, for boy boys. I feel really bad for Zack, that darn tooth is just stuck, no matter how many times I rub his gums it just won't pop. All in due time I suppose.

Winter has made it's presence known here in MN again, so we are stuck inside as usual. Let's hope next week is better, we were just getting on a good routine with them and outside time.

I started doing a photo collage project of the kids, a close up of cute body parts, here is a small preview