Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy March!

It's March and that means that it's oh so close to spring! Finally!

So what's been going on besides the kids being sick...Wyatt came home last Wednesday and it looked like he had a huge bruise on his forehead, I was freaked out getting ready to call the school and I ask Wyatt what the heck happened and he said in such a mater of fact voice " Mom, it's Ash wednesday, that's ash on my forehead!"

Duh guess I didn't look at the calender to realize that.

Then Zack decided he no longer liked applesauce. He spits it out every single time we try to feed it to him. He will eat anything but applesauce

Then there is Miss Lucy, she is just as cute as ever with her diva self lol. Bossing everyone around, being miss mommy to Zack, fighting with us over every little thing. But she sure is cute isn't she?