Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Imaginary friends

It seems that Lucy has an imaginary friend now. Her name is Cassie and from what Lucy tells me Cassie is much bigger than me, so she can spank me and put me in a time out if I don't do what Lucy says.

Alrighty then....

This is all brand new to us, as Wyatt didn't have an imaginary friend at all. Today Lucy took all of my craft paints out and threw them on the floor only to tell me it was not her, it was Cassie. Yesterday when she was jumping on the bed and I told her to stop she said Cassie was telling her to jump.

Oh brother.

We often hear her talking to herself or it sounds like she is talking to someone, well, this just all fits in now, our guess is that she was talking with Cassie. It's very interesting to watch this, we will see how long it lasts.

In other news nothing on the tooth front, for boy boys. I feel really bad for Zack, that darn tooth is just stuck, no matter how many times I rub his gums it just won't pop. All in due time I suppose.

Winter has made it's presence known here in MN again, so we are stuck inside as usual. Let's hope next week is better, we were just getting on a good routine with them and outside time.

I started doing a photo collage project of the kids, a close up of cute body parts, here is a small preview

Monday, March 23, 2009

In and Out

What goes out must come in, thats the case here with teeth. Wyatt has a loose bottom tooth and Zack has a tooth just about to pop through. What timing!

Wyatt is quite proud of his wiggly tooth, even though it grosses me out. I am not a tooth person lol He wiggles it all around and is so excited for the tooth fairy to come.

Zack on the other hand is not having a good time, his poor cheeks are red all day long and we are giving him medicine and lots of cold chew toys. Time will only tell when both little surprises will happen!

We finally have some spring like weather here and it's been wonderful to get the kids outside to run and play

Friday, March 13, 2009

Bubble Beard

Who doesn't like a bubble beard?

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Wednesday, March 11, 2009


There are many times a day I think of sweet little Everett. I miss him so much still. While time may have healed some of the pain, the hole inside of not having him here some days eats me alive.

But I got some good news, and goosebumps from a good friend today. She saw her first hummingbird of the season, just at the right time. I know our boys are up in heaven watching over each other and every now and then we both get a sign to let us know they are alright.

Thinking of you Everett :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

VIP day

So Sandy and Wyatt just got back from VIP day at Wyatt's school. Wyatt had to draw a picture of his VIP, see below.

They both had a good time, thanks Sandy!!

Time Flies!

Can you believe that Zack is 5 months old today? I can't. I feel like we just brought this big guy home! He is as happy as ever and is getting much better, the runny nose has stopped and most of the cough is gone, so that is great news.

This week at Wy's school it's National Lutheran School's week, so they have a lot of fun things planned, the kids get to dress up each day with different stuff and today, the last day is VIP day. Wyatt got to choose 1 person to come to his school and have as his special VIP person. He choose my aunt Sandy, she is very happy and they are there now having fun together.

So on Monday it was hat/color day, he wore green and a hat, Tuesday was a field trip to Concordia University, so he had to dress up in his choir outfit, Wednesday was wacky Wednesday, he had to dress wacky, Thrusday was sports day and today is VIP day.

Here are pics from Tuesday and Wednesday:

Wyatt picked out his own clothes for wacky Wednesday, it was pretty funny watching him pick out what he wanted to wear.

Last night the kids were acting pretty goofy, Wyatt was Wyatt likes to look lol

These pics were taken while they were brushing their teeth, getting ready for bed

Have a good weekend!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy March!

It's March and that means that it's oh so close to spring! Finally!

So what's been going on besides the kids being sick...Wyatt came home last Wednesday and it looked like he had a huge bruise on his forehead, I was freaked out getting ready to call the school and I ask Wyatt what the heck happened and he said in such a mater of fact voice " Mom, it's Ash wednesday, that's ash on my forehead!"

Duh guess I didn't look at the calender to realize that.

Then Zack decided he no longer liked applesauce. He spits it out every single time we try to feed it to him. He will eat anything but applesauce

Then there is Miss Lucy, she is just as cute as ever with her diva self lol. Bossing everyone around, being miss mommy to Zack, fighting with us over every little thing. But she sure is cute isn't she?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Sick Kids

Sorry for the delay in posting. Zack is sick and Mark and Lucy are just starting to get sick.

Zack has croup and an ear infection and all he wants to do is be held, which is understandable. So not a lot has been getting done here, this blog being one of the pushed aside things.

I am hoping only 1 or 2 more days and then we will be back to our regular schedule.

Hope everyone is well