Wednesday, February 11, 2009

4 month check up

Zack had his 4 month checkup last Friday. He is as healthy as can be weighing in at 19 pounds and 27.5 inches long. So long in fact that he can no longer be in his infant carrier, we have to move him to the big boy car seat. This poses a slight challenge for Mark and I because he can not yet sit up on his own, so when we head out shopping etc... we have to carry him and try to prop him as best we can in the shopping carts. So far so good, he seems to like being in the cart and all.

Doctor says is was ok to start solids, so we did and the boy loves bananas. I mean loves, he will polish off an entire container in about 5 minutes. We have tried applesauce and it does not get the same affect as bananas do. On Friday we will try sweet potatoes and see how those go down. He takes the solids quite well, does not try to spit them out so that makes it easy.

We has Wyatt's speech evaluation yesterday, for those of you who don't know Wyatt has a few problems saying some sounds. We thought it was only the "th" and "ch" sounds. Turns out he has problems saying "L, R, W, NG, CH, TH, S, C and & Z" sounds. So he will have speech therapy twice a week until it's fixed, which could be 2-5 years. Most people can understand Wyatt, they say his problems will be with learning how to read and write, so he needs to start it now.

Lucy is now in love with making videos of herself singing, I got a new camera that takes videos and she asks about a million times a day to sing a song so she can see herself. I will see if I can get one posted here, it's actually quite cute!