Thursday, February 19, 2009

A conversation with Wyatt

So I just picked up Wyatt from school. He came out all smiles and was talking a mile a minute. Something which he usually does not do. Most days he is quiet and tired.

This is how our conversation went:

Me: Hi Wyatt, how was your day? Did you get to meet with Miss Dawn today? (Miss Dawn is his speech therapist)

Wyatt: Hi mom, school was fun and yes, I got to ride the big bus to see Miss Dawn

Me: Thats great Wyatt! Did anything else fun happen at school?

Wyatt: Oh man yeah I was in the bathroom and Lucas started throwing up all over! So I had to leave the use the girl bathroom

Me: Oh no, poor Lucas, I hope he is feeling better now.

Wyatt: It was red throw up mom, do you know how you get red throw up?


Wyatt: Eating red gum. That throw up was so cool! It was all over!

Yeah, my 5 year old thinks throw up is cool. Eww not so cool as a mom. I should have seen the throw up is cool comment coming, nothing really grosses Wyatt out, he lives for stuff like that.

Back to your regularly scheduled day....... :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Valentines day!

Well I realize this is a few days late, but still, we hope you had a happy valentine's day! We had a birthday party for my Grandpa's 82nd birthday here at our house. We had a lot of fun and took some great pictures. My sister came with her 2 little guys along with my other sister and her boyfriend. We had a delicious brunch (thanks mom!) and we watched the kids do some dancing. Lucy and Mason that is. We were attempting to teach them some dance moves, so like the sprinkler, lawnmower etc... it was very funny to see a 2 and 3 year old try to do them. We did get video of it on our new video camera, but Mark and I are still playing around with the software so we have no idea how to get on here lol. So the video you will get today is from my camera. Hope you don't mind too much. :)

Family pic:

Grandpa with all his great-grandkids:

And a video of Lucy singing:

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kid Hangover?

This morning Wyatt comes down stairs looking like this: I then see Lucy: I ask them both what's going on, why are they so tired, they both tell me Grandma Demaree wore them out, then they tried to sleep and couldn't so they played up in their room for awhile.

All I could think of when I saw Wy with the glasses was a kid hangover.

So cute Here is a video of Zack talking some this morning

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

4 month check up

Zack had his 4 month checkup last Friday. He is as healthy as can be weighing in at 19 pounds and 27.5 inches long. So long in fact that he can no longer be in his infant carrier, we have to move him to the big boy car seat. This poses a slight challenge for Mark and I because he can not yet sit up on his own, so when we head out shopping etc... we have to carry him and try to prop him as best we can in the shopping carts. So far so good, he seems to like being in the cart and all.

Doctor says is was ok to start solids, so we did and the boy loves bananas. I mean loves, he will polish off an entire container in about 5 minutes. We have tried applesauce and it does not get the same affect as bananas do. On Friday we will try sweet potatoes and see how those go down. He takes the solids quite well, does not try to spit them out so that makes it easy.

We has Wyatt's speech evaluation yesterday, for those of you who don't know Wyatt has a few problems saying some sounds. We thought it was only the "th" and "ch" sounds. Turns out he has problems saying "L, R, W, NG, CH, TH, S, C and & Z" sounds. So he will have speech therapy twice a week until it's fixed, which could be 2-5 years. Most people can understand Wyatt, they say his problems will be with learning how to read and write, so he needs to start it now.

Lucy is now in love with making videos of herself singing, I got a new camera that takes videos and she asks about a million times a day to sing a song so she can see herself. I will see if I can get one posted here, it's actually quite cute!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

We are back!

I am happy to report that my new little baby nephew Evan is home and doing great! My sister and her family spent a week here while he was in the NICU, but all is well now and life is back to normal!

So what has happened in a week....

Wyatt got in trouble at school for clogging and overflowing the toilet. He claims he didn't do anything, but his teacher caught him and 2 other boys red handed.

While most would say boys will be boys, my boys do not act like that, so he had to write a letter to his teacher saying how sorry he was and that he will never do that again.

Lucy has decided that she is Zack's new mother, so I am constantly finding her trying to pick Zack up and move him, she just has to feed him whenever he is in his carseat, she undresses him and tries to change his diaper when I am not looking. I could go on and on, but I am sure you get the point. So Zack is not left out of my site much at all since I don't quite know what Lucy will try to do. While her intentions are good, she is just too young to get the fact that he can't be dropped on the floor.

Zack is a drool bucket. Really. It's come to the point now where he has to wear a bib most days due to all the drool that comes out of his mouth. Wyatt finds the drool gross, as Lucy will just wipe his face with her hands like I do lol, it does not bother her. We are pretty sure a tooth is in his near future as well, there is a small bump on the bottom and he is chewing on his hands like a mad man. We have started him on applecauce a few times a week and so far so good. I am still on the fence about the entire feeding him solids right now thing.

Here are some pictures for your enjoyment. It's been far too long!

Wyatt playing with Zack I heard Wyatt talking all gooey and looked out in the living room and found them like this

Wyatt, Mason and Lucy sledding in the back yard