Tuesday, January 13, 2009

There is nothing fun about jury duty...

So I have had jury duty everyday so far this week and I have it yet again tomorrow. It's really no fun, I am away from my kids, my house, my job basically. While I do get to sit and sit and sit and have peace and quiet, I would much rather hear the fighting, the crying, and the giggling instead.

I have lacked in the photograph dept. as well, I have not taken a new picture of any of the kids in about a week. So I dusted off the camera and tried to take a few tonight. As usual with my kids there is always someone that does not look at the camera and even though I bribe and coo and make silly voices, I just can't seem to get a decent shot.

So below are what I captured, still great I think each in their own way.

It started off OK, Zack has recently figured out that he has hands and feet and spends many minutes staring and cooing at each. He even gives his fingers a taste, he almost can get his entire fist into his mouth. Here he is taking a look at his feet.

Then I got the deer in the headlights look that I have come to love about Zack

Next came the attempts at a group shot. It was really ok, then it got bad quickly and well, Zack told me he was done and now as I type he is taking a small catnap working off the horrors I put him through, all for a picture. Bad mommy as Wyatt would say lol

Please do note that Wyatt is such a professional and does not flinch at the fact that his brother is screaming his head off next to him.

So that has been our week so far. Jamie at jury duty, Mark taking over on being a stay at home dad and the kids just being the goofy kids their are.

Hope you are staying warm!


Momto4Peanuts said...

Your kids are so cute! I have to ask though, where is Lucy's shirt!!!

Moonbeam008 said...

I have a very hard time getting her to kep her clothes on lol