Thursday, January 22, 2009

Our big boy!

So Zack was getting sick of just sitting in his carseat, swing and bouncy seat, he secretly told me he was too big for those things now lol, so we got out the 2 exersaucers we have. He loves them! I think he likes being in a sitting position and having the ability to look all around him. The kids dance and goof around in front of him and he laughs and laughs and talks to them in his own little Zacky language.

I will post some pictures below.

Not much else is going in with us, life seems to get busier by the day, which is fine by us, we love what we have. Wyatt is now half way done with Kindergarden and we have him signed up for 1st grade at the same school, he seems to be thriving there. Lucy is still being her diva self, she is quite a good helper, and loves playing house with all her babies. Zack is now 14 weeks old and is getting more and more animated by the day. His facial expressions, his babbling, even his smiles, they are just huge, he smiles with his entire body, curls up, throws his head back and smiles away.

Here are some pics, enjoy!

Studying himself in the mirror

Lucy and Wyatt pics will come this week!