Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Loves

Do you know what I love?

That my 3 month old will look at me and give me a smile first instead of the other way around

That the manners that I have been teaching my older two work out in the "real" world

That my hubby and I have such a good bond

I guess I am just feeling gooey these days lol

Zack now smiles at you first, he initates a conversation, he usually smilies then coo's to get your attention, tell you he wants to talk and play.

In the past 2 days both Wyatt and Lucy have held open doors for strangers without Mark or myself saying anything to them. They just know to do it and that lets us know what we teach here is working. It's a simple thing, but holding the door for someone is a nice gesture that is mostly forgotten about now in our busy rush-rush world.

Mark said to me last night that he is so happy with our life. Sure we can always use more money and newer things, but we have a lot of awesome things in our life. We are blessed. Plus we have the goofiest kids ever proof is below.