Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy 2009 everyone! We hope this year brings lots of peace, love and happiness to you!

We didn't do anything special for new years, we normally don't celebrate it, it's just another day as far as we are concerned. So the kids and I were in bed by 10:30. Mark did stay up to watch the ball drop. I know we are such party poopers lol

Here are the rest of the holiday photos, they were taken at my aunt's house on Christmas day.

The girls in the family, we are missing one of my sisters

Family Shot-darn kids never want to smile

Kids wrestling with my aunt Cindy

Family shot, missing one of my sisters and my uncle

Lucy and Cindy wrestling

Mason and Cindy wrestling

Wyatt being Wyatt

The boys of our family, we are missing my uncle