Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Prayers Please

My sister had her baby today, a son, born 4 weeks early. He is being transported to Children's hospital for breathing problems. Please pray that he will be ok and be healed quickly


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Our big boy!

So Zack was getting sick of just sitting in his carseat, swing and bouncy seat, he secretly told me he was too big for those things now lol, so we got out the 2 exersaucers we have. He loves them! I think he likes being in a sitting position and having the ability to look all around him. The kids dance and goof around in front of him and he laughs and laughs and talks to them in his own little Zacky language.

I will post some pictures below.

Not much else is going in with us, life seems to get busier by the day, which is fine by us, we love what we have. Wyatt is now half way done with Kindergarden and we have him signed up for 1st grade at the same school, he seems to be thriving there. Lucy is still being her diva self, she is quite a good helper, and loves playing house with all her babies. Zack is now 14 weeks old and is getting more and more animated by the day. His facial expressions, his babbling, even his smiles, they are just huge, he smiles with his entire body, curls up, throws his head back and smiles away.

Here are some pics, enjoy!

Studying himself in the mirror

Lucy and Wyatt pics will come this week!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

There is nothing fun about jury duty...

So I have had jury duty everyday so far this week and I have it yet again tomorrow. It's really no fun, I am away from my kids, my house, my job basically. While I do get to sit and sit and sit and have peace and quiet, I would much rather hear the fighting, the crying, and the giggling instead.

I have lacked in the photograph dept. as well, I have not taken a new picture of any of the kids in about a week. So I dusted off the camera and tried to take a few tonight. As usual with my kids there is always someone that does not look at the camera and even though I bribe and coo and make silly voices, I just can't seem to get a decent shot.

So below are what I captured, still great I think each in their own way.

It started off OK, Zack has recently figured out that he has hands and feet and spends many minutes staring and cooing at each. He even gives his fingers a taste, he almost can get his entire fist into his mouth. Here he is taking a look at his feet.

Then I got the deer in the headlights look that I have come to love about Zack

Next came the attempts at a group shot. It was really ok, then it got bad quickly and well, Zack told me he was done and now as I type he is taking a small catnap working off the horrors I put him through, all for a picture. Bad mommy as Wyatt would say lol

Please do note that Wyatt is such a professional and does not flinch at the fact that his brother is screaming his head off next to him.

So that has been our week so far. Jamie at jury duty, Mark taking over on being a stay at home dad and the kids just being the goofy kids their are.

Hope you are staying warm!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Loves

Do you know what I love?

That my 3 month old will look at me and give me a smile first instead of the other way around

That the manners that I have been teaching my older two work out in the "real" world

That my hubby and I have such a good bond

I guess I am just feeling gooey these days lol

Zack now smiles at you first, he initates a conversation, he usually smilies then coo's to get your attention, tell you he wants to talk and play.

In the past 2 days both Wyatt and Lucy have held open doors for strangers without Mark or myself saying anything to them. They just know to do it and that lets us know what we teach here is working. It's a simple thing, but holding the door for someone is a nice gesture that is mostly forgotten about now in our busy rush-rush world.

Mark said to me last night that he is so happy with our life. Sure we can always use more money and newer things, but we have a lot of awesome things in our life. We are blessed. Plus we have the goofiest kids ever proof is below.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy 2009 everyone! We hope this year brings lots of peace, love and happiness to you!

We didn't do anything special for new years, we normally don't celebrate it, it's just another day as far as we are concerned. So the kids and I were in bed by 10:30. Mark did stay up to watch the ball drop. I know we are such party poopers lol

Here are the rest of the holiday photos, they were taken at my aunt's house on Christmas day.

The girls in the family, we are missing one of my sisters

Family Shot-darn kids never want to smile

Kids wrestling with my aunt Cindy

Family shot, missing one of my sisters and my uncle

Lucy and Cindy wrestling

Mason and Cindy wrestling

Wyatt being Wyatt

The boys of our family, we are missing my uncle