Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! We hope you and your family had a great day!

The kids woke up at their usual time on Christmas morning, they were so excited to see all the presents under and around the tree. Everyone loved what they got and it was a great day!

What the kids liked the most was the fact that I "caught" Santa in the act of putting gifts out.

I made the photo using a site called Capture the Magic. You upload your own photo, then they have about 30 different Santa poses you can choose. So we told the kids that I left my camera out and it was on a timer so it took a picture of Santa as he showed up. They loved this and told everyone about it!

Helping Zack out, he really had no idea what was going on

Friday, December 25, 2009

Our new Christmas Tradition

I think tonight we offically started a new Christmas tradition:


My aunts came over and asked us all to go and we are so glad we said yes, we had a blast and so did the kids! We had no idea they would be open but man, it was fun!!! And just in case you were wondering, I beat Mark in both games. Woohoo!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

Pictures and more coming in a few days!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Zack Dancing

Here are a couple of videos of Zack dancing last week

Monday, December 21, 2009

His first shiner

Zack got his first black eye tonight. I should start out by saying it's been a terrible few days for him. Wednesday night he came down with a fever, a pretty high one too that didn't break until Saturday morning.

Then this morning he wakes up and his entire body is covered in hives. So I call his doctor to get him seen. We get there she looks him over and we discover he has a massive ear infection, in the same ear as when he had surgery. She thinks it could still be the same ear infection. Poor baby!!

So we got him some new stronger meds amd he naps most of the afternoon. Come tonight Wyatt and Zack are goofing around together and Zack starts screaming, turns out Wy bumped him with a toy on the face. We didn't see anything and once he was calmed down he went back to play. Fast forward 30 minutes and his eye is red and swollen. Oh boy. I bet it's going to look great in the morning lol

Here are some pictures of the poor little guy.

Here's to a better tomorrow Zacky!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Train and Concert

On Saturday we headed downtown to see the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train, they come through every year the kids love seeing all the lights on the train and of course there is Santa!

Waiting for the train to head in

Here is comes!

Since it was moving a tad too fast for my little Cannon camera, I took video of it instead

Last night was also Wyatt's Christmas concert at his school

Here is a video of him singing Away in a Manger

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Art Day!

It's art day here at Chicks in Our Nest

Below you will find a adorable assortment of art that the kids have done within the last 2 weeks

We are going to start with my favorite right off the bat, Wyatt's camel. I love the humps. Ha Ha Ha

Then we have Lucy's paint art from pre-school. She sees a girl when she looks at her painting

Next up is Wyatt again. He had to write out a story that was told to them, about not liking spaghetti. Here is his version along with pictures.

Lucy's drawing of Zack

Finally my homemade birthday cards from yesterday

Wyatt gave me a rocket and $5, Lucy drew our house and a lovely picture of me

Hope you enjoyed looking at all the art pictures!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Update and a video!

So we went to the dr on Tuesday, we got in right away and the dr popped off one side of the bandage and it came right off!

Turns out he used glue on the outside and disovable stitches on the inside so there was nothing to take out! Very nice!

Test results came back as it being a Lymphangioma only, so no cancer! Woohoo!!!

Dr said he can and will get more, but they won't be so fast to take them out now that they know what it is.

He has a nice 3 inch scar that will take a year to heal fully but we will take it! I tried getting a picture of the scar today, but that didn't work, so I will try again tomorrow.

But I did get a video of him walking!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Guess who is walking?!?!

Zack is walking!! I can't belive I am excited over this lol, as this boy gets into everything! But I am and it's SO adorable watching him stumble around.

I will get some video of it and post it this week.

So far he can make it about 30 steps before he gets tired and falls down. He is loving it and at times he walks to fast he is almost running.

So far no bumps on the head lol

Today we go to the doctor to see if Zack's stitches can come out, fingers crossed that they can! I am also hoping we get some test results back.

Monday, November 23, 2009


We are home! Surgery is done and it went well. We got to the hospital about 1pm and we went through a bunch of pre-op stuff, then we were taken down to the surgery waiting room area and we sat there until 2:40. The doctors came in to talk to us and tell us what was going to happen. Mark walked back with Zack to put him to sleep, I just couldn't do it after doing it on Friday.

About 3pm a nurse came in to let us know they had started and things were going great. 3:50 the doctor came in and let us know that it went great, he thinks it's a lymphangioma, which is a collection of tissue and fluid that forms under the skin. He still sent the mass out for testing to be 100% sure and now we just wait for the results of that. But we think the worst is over with.

So I had never heard of a lymphangioma before and I had to look it up, it's also called a cystic hygroma. A cystic hygroma is a birth defect. It occurs as the baby grows in the womb from pieces of material that carries fluid and white blood cells. Such material is called embryonic lymphatic tissue. After birth, a cystic hygroma usually looks like a soft bulge under the skin. The cyst can't be seen until after birth, and sometimes is not noticed until the person is older.

So not too bad, just weird that it came on so fast. We are so thankful to all of our family and friends for all their thoughts/well wishes and prayers. It worked!

We go back in a week to have the bandages taken off and the ENT doctor will check it out to make sure it's healing correctly. He shouldn't have to have another surgery, he thinks he got it all.

The rest of this week is going to be so much better, no more stress wondering about the what if's and all.

Here are a few pictures from the hospital, thank you again everyone for all your messages! We are truly blessed!

Before surgery

After surgery

Sunday, November 22, 2009


My sister Chelsea took these tonight of Zack

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Update #2

Ok, so I think I left off on Friday morning, we were supposed to have a CT scan to see what the mass was. I stayed with Zack at the hospital and when we woke up Friday morning we had doctor after docter come in and look at it. Around 11am the ENT specialist came in and took a look at it. After asking many questions and feeling it for 10 minutes he said it was one of 2 things, a cyst or a tumor--meaning cancer. Only 2 things can grow that fast and get that big in a matter of hours.

When I heard those words come from his mouth panic set in. He decided instead of a CT scan that Zack needed a MRI, they needed to "see" deeper inside the mass. He also made the decision that no matter what it was, it was coming out on Monday. So the decision was made and the doctors had to do a bunch of arm pulling to get Zack into the MRI at the scheduled time of 1, which was the time of his CT scan. He had not eaten since 6am and well, you tell a 13 month old no food lol.

Finally we got in. We took him down for the MRI and I held him as they put him to sleep. One of the hardest things ever. MRI took an hour and they brought him into us still asleep. They said it would take 20-30 minutes for him to wake up.

My stress level is at the top and him not waking up on time is making it worse. After an hour he still had not woken up so they took him upstairs back to his room. Mark carried him and lifted him in his crib and he woke up. I lost it. I grabbed him and hugged him and was sobbing my eyes out. My baby was back.

So we had to sit and wait for the results, after an hour or so the doctor came in and said it was one of 2 things, just like he thought, a cancerous tumor or Lymphangioma--which is a rare cyst filled with tissue and fluid.

They decided to let us go for the weekend since it's not directly afecting his airway and we have to be back Monday for surgery, After surgery is done we will get it tested to find out 100% what it is.

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers, it truly helps us get through this difficult time. I will update on here & my facebook once we know more

Here is a video of Zack from Friday morning, you can see the mass on his neck

Friday, November 20, 2009


Ok so yesterday didn't go at all like I thought it would. I thought we would go to the doc she would say it's a cyst, let's drain it and you will be on your way. Nope.

We got to the doc and she took one look at it and its placement and immediatly sent us to the ER. I stopped on the way there to pick up Mark and grab a bag just in case. We got there and we had a doc come in and us it's probably a cyst, no big deal etc.. Then he looks at it and was surprised and said oh, we will need more tests.

So he got an ultrasound, that didn't help, what it did show was blood flow to the area which is unusual. They they wanted a X-ray, so we did that. All that showed was that his lungs were clear.

After not being able to tell anything they decided to admit him. Lots of doctors came in and poked him, touched the mass, all gave their opinions on what it is. All decided that a CT scan is needed to be able to see exactly what it is. Because of his age they need to have a PICU doctor there in case, since he has to be sedated.

So today at 1am he will have the scan and we will go from there. Zack has an IV in and is getting fluids. He didn't sleep well last night due to rolling around on his line, it would always set the alarm off and the nurse would have to come in and fix it. I am about to wake him up to have his last bottle until after the CT scan.

The mass did get a little bigger from last night, so we are hoping and praying that its nothing serious. We will have a specialist come in today to look at it and go from there as well.

Here are a few pics from last night

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Taking Zack to the doctor in a few minutes for this:

It's not the best picture, but at 13 months Zack just doesn't want to sit still.

Last night Mark called me over to look at something on Zack, we saw this huge bump by his throat. It was hard as a rock and semi purple. So we called the on call nurse and she said to watch it and come in to the doctor in the morning.

This morning it has gotten bigger and is now the size of a golf ball.

I will update when we get home

Monday, November 16, 2009

Busy days

Things are busy here with 3 kids, between keeping the house up, keeping things for schools straight, doing my craft business and all it's just busy busy busy! All is good though, we are very blessed.

Not much new stuff has been going on, kids are wishing they could play outside more, it's getting cold and frosty here and I am sure the snow will start flying soon. We are working on doing more indoor fun stuff to let their energy out at night.

Here are a few recent pics

Zack found a piece of Dove chocolate and before we knew it we had this mess on our hands

Lucy before school today

Wyatt before school today

Stay tuned tomorrow for Lucy and Zack's birthday pics!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

So it's been awhile....

I know, it's been a long time since an update, but so much has been going on here. Finally this week I think it's going to finally calm down. October is always our busy month.

So let's see where to start...

On Saturday the 24th we had planned to have Zack's 1st birthday party. My cousin Amy was in the hospital and we knew things were touch and go. That morning as we were getting the house ready I got the call that I needed to come say goodbye. So we put a hold on the party and pushed it back a few hours. I met my entire family down at the hospital and we all got to say our goodbye's to sweet Amy girl.

I came back and frosted my litted heart out and got 2 dozen cupcakes frosted along with his cake. A few family members came and we did our best to celebreate Zack's birthday. Late that night we got the news that Amy girl had passed. She is now among the angels flying high.

The week that followed that Saturday was busy with family, we had Amy's wake and funeral and it was just a lot of remembering her and laughing about all the good times. Tuesday was also Mark's and my's 8 year anniversary! So we went out to dinner and had a great time.

So now we are onto Halloween, it was fun! My sister and her family came out, our mom was also here and then Mark's mom and brother came as well with his daughter.

We carved pumpkins, decorated the yard, had dinner, got the kids dressed and off they went! Everyone had a great time and got lots of candy.

I realized I never posted pictures from Lucy's birthday party and I have Zack's left to post too, so that will be this week. For now, enjoy the Halloween pics!

Lucy's Pumpkin

Everett's Pumpkin--there is a little "E" carved into the side of it too :)

Wyatt's Pumpkin--he says it had the chicken pox

Zack's Pumpkin

The entire group

We had to change Lucy's costume, the other one was just too small

Zack watching all the kids

Mason didn't like Wyatt's mask

The house all decorated, with the fog machine going off