Friday, December 19, 2008

We are back!

Finally, we are back! It's nice to have a phone back and to be able to get back on here. Gosh what did we all do when there was no internet? I will say my house is extra clean and organized!

So you have to see these new pictures of Zack and the new hat that he got as a present from my mom's friend Betsy. She lives in North Pole Alaska and made this for the little guy. It is the cutest thing ever! Thank you Betsy!!

The kids are getting very excited for Santa to come. It's a daily countdown for them. I can't believe how fast this holiday season has come! I feel like we just had Thanksgiving and here we are less than a week to go until Christmas!

Wyatt is having his school Christmas party today and he was so excited to be able to wear regular clothes. He loves his uniforms and all, but he also loves showing of his jeans and shirts. I asked him how he thought he looked today and I got a thumbs up sign and then he said " I look awesome!" Yes, Wyatt, you do look awesome lol

Lucy is still being her diva self, as I type this she is watching a Mickey's Christmas movie and playing with toy cars. She has really come into pretend play within the last 2-3 weeks. She will play on her own for over an hour. Usually she plays with cars and her dolls.

Zack is 9 weeks now and is getting much more animated when smiling and talking. He loves to have conversations with you, he coo's and makes all sorts of noises to get a response out of you. He is almost laughing as well.

Ok so I think that's all that's going on here, just regular life stuff with the excitment of Christmas thrown in. :)