Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's December!

It's December! Woohoo! So far though, it has not been the best of month's. We are all sick, even poor Zack. Mark, Wyatt and Lucy seem to be about 98% done with it, while Zack and I are still coughing up junk. Ewww. Hopefully we will be better by the weekend.

We put up the tree on Thanksgiving, the kids helped and I must say it looks fab! I will get a picture up on here this week. They had a great time hanging all the ornaments, I let them put them where ever their hearts desired, so the tree may look a little weird, but they are happy with it.

My sister Chelsea came over on Sunday, she said she had a surprise for me. This was her surprise:

She got a tattoo on her ankle with angel wings and Everett's initals! How cool is that??!! I had no idea she was going to do it and she totally melted my heart by seeing that. It was the best surprise! Love ya Chelsea! *smooch*