Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mr. Wyatt's Neighborhood?

It's getting cold here in MN, so Wyatt has to start wearing long sleeves to school. We have a few long sleeved shirts, and I also bought him this sweater. Can you guess what he would rather wear?

Isn't he just the cutest? He looks like he could be Mr. Rogers sidekick or something. Mark asked me what I was doing to him, as in why was I making him wear that, I said I am not making him, he is simply choosing to wear it instead of his long sleeved shirts. I got the eye roll from Mark. lol

Lucy saw that Wyatt was having his picture taken so of course she had to show off her new winter jacket:

Please excuse her hair, we are growing her bangs out and 99% of the time she will not let me put a headband in, so she almost always looks homeless.

Zack or Zacky as Lucy calls him is doing great. He has a cold, a small one, and he is getting over it. I am getting smiles almost daily now, but when I try to get the camera out to take a picture to show everyone, he gets mesmerized by it and the smile is gone and he stares and stares at the camera. I was able to get a partial smile yesterday before the gaze took over lol

As I am typing this he is making all sorts of cute baby noises, dreaming away. Gosh he melts my heart!