Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone had a good Halloween!

Wyatt and Lucy had a blast the entire day! They were both so excited, not so much about the candy, but getting to wear their costumes and getting to show them off.

We started decorating the yard when Wyatt got home from school. We usually try to do a fog machine, candle lit bags up the driveway and our pumpkins. I had a few other things that lit up, and we put those together. We ate some dinner and pretty soon after that the trick o treaters started coming to the door!

Lucy was so excited to have the kids come to the door, that if they didn't say trick or treat, she told them to say it! Ha Ha!

Mark's mom came over along with my aunt and her friend and we got the kids ready to go. It was a warm night with no wind, so the kids didn't have to put much on under their costumes.

Zack and I passed out candy while Mark and his mom took the the kids out.

Here are the pictures, click to enlarge!