Monday, October 27, 2008

5 hours!

I got 5 hours of straight sleep last night! Zack was good to his mama! He slept from midnight to 5am. I could not belive the clock when we finally woke up, I had to look at Mark's to make sure I was not dreaming or seeing things lol

So we are up early this morning, which is good. It's my first day on my own with 3 kids. I have had help for the past 3 weeks and now today, I am alone. I am feeling great about it. Not much will be different, just a little more of a mad dash to get Wyatt out the door and off to school. Since I have 3 kids to get ready instead of two. And it's cold, so it's jackets, hat, mittens for everyone.

We had a great weekend, full of lounging and lots of family time.

Saturday was a stay at home day, it was warm out, so Mark took the kids out to play, I cleaned and tried to get the house back to normal. There was still stuff out from the hospital and all and finally I decided it was time to get our house back.

Sunday it was cold and rainy, so Wyatt and I went and did some shopping while the 2 little ones napped. Wyatt got a haircut and thought it was so cool to get gel in his hair. The lady thought he was so cute that she gave him some trial size gel packs, so he said that when he goes back to school I need to put gel in his hair so that all the other kids will think he is cool.

LOL! The mind of a 5 year old, excited about hair gel!

We are working with Lucy on her diva attitude. Lately she has become more demanding and whiney, and well, that just won't stand in this house anymore. So it was a long weekend of telling her to use her big girl voice and words and to stop telling us what to do, that she is not the parent. I think it has gotten better, but we still have a ways to go. We don't want her going to pre-school with an attitude.

Oh and it's Mark and I's anniversary today. We have been married 7 years! It seems like yesterday that I was walking down that aisle to marry him, and here we are 7 years and 4 kids later. It's been a blast and I can't wait to grow old with him. Love ya honey! ;)

Zack is 3 weeks old today. I can't belive how fast time has flown by! I am so glad he is here. :)


Amanda said...

HAPPY 7 YEARS!!! Sorry I am a day late. Zach is so cute, glad he slept for you. Take care.