Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Line Leader

Wyatt informed us yesterday that he is line leader all this week at school. We got a 10 minute speech of what a line leader does and how cool it makes him feel. Wyatt just cracks us up with his words! So far school has been wonderful for him and he is still up early every morning wanting to get to school.

Lucy is loving having some mama and Lucy time, every morning we cuddle and watch a movie. She is a huge helper when it comes to getting baby things ready. Here is a sample of what she says: "mom when the baby comes hers go in the swing, I feed hers, hers sleep with me" She is going to be a wonderful help in a few more weeks. I just have this feeling though that I will find the baby missing one time and find out that Lucy has picked him/her up.

Speaking of baby we are in the 3-5 week wait! We have gotten most of the things ready, there is not much left to do. Some things of course we can't do until the baby is here, like wash clothes. Since we decided to have a surprise this time around we have to wait until delivery to find out what we are having, then Mark has to come home and wash the tubs with either boy or girl newborn clothes.

I am getting very excited and can't wait to have a sweet small infant in my arms.