Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Less than 2 weeks!

So I had my ultrasound and doctor appt today. I am 36 weeks and some odd days and they wanted to see how big the baby is measuring. So the diva and I went, she had her bag packed with toys and snacks to keep her busy.

Got into the u/s room and told the tech that we don't know what it is, and don't want to etc...just in case he didn't remember. He puts the wand on and there is our beautiful baby, head down and huge! He did all the measurements twice, just in case and both time the baby came back as 9 pounds +! Lucy got to hear the heartbeat which she thought was so cool and we got to see the baby's face, this baby has some chubby cheeks!

After the ultrasound I got to see my doctor, I love this guy, he is just fab! I got checked and I am 1cm dilated and very soft. He would like to induce now because of baby's size, but since I am still just 36 weeks, we need to wait. I go back on Monday the 29th and if I am still pregnant by then, I will be induced the following Monday, the 6th! We are so excited! Less than 2 weeks to go until we meet our beautiful rainbow baby!