Friday, September 12, 2008

A girlfriend already?

So Wyatt has been in school for what, 9 days now and I am already hearing stories about him and a girl in his class. We will call her Miss A. Every single day Wyatt comes home and gushes about Miss A, how they got to play outside, how she made notes for him, how they sat next to each other at chapel.

It's so cute! If you mention girlfriend to him of course you get the Wyatt look and either he runs off all embarrassed, or he scowls and tells you no, she is my friend.

I guess they play this game at recess called "mama and baby puppy" sometimes it's "mama and baby chicks" From what he tells me Miss A is the mama puppy, Wyatt is the baby puppy and they run around the playground being puppies. Sometimes a friend of theirs is the dog catcher and will throw them in the pound when they are being bad. What an imagination!

Wyatt has to save all the notes from Miss A, they are stored away in a special spot that I am not supposed to know about. When I asked him if he ever wrote notes back to her, he rolled his eyes at me and said " no mom, only girls write notes" Oh well, excuse me lol!

We are thrilled that he has made such a good friend at school.