Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Now Wyatt is only 5, but he got more flustered yesterday that I have ever seen him. It's all about his little friend at school, Miss A. As we were pulling into the church parking lot yesterday morning for school, I saw a girl and her mom walking up to the doors. Wyatt screamed out "Hey! There is Miss A!" He was so excited, he told me to park quick, which I did and proceeded to jump out of the van holding his mama puppy. For those of you that don't know about mama puppy, it's a stuffed dog that Wyatt has to sleep with everynight. Most times she takes a car ride with us to school and stays in the van until we pick Wyatt up.

I get out as he starts to walk up to the front of the van to go into school and ask him if he is forgetting something, he looks down, realizes he has mama puppy instead of his backpack and goes "oh yeah oops" and giggles. All the while looking for Miss A. He puts mama puppy down and goes to the front of the van again. I ask him one more time, are you forgetting something, and he looks down and sees his backpack. Grabs it and is trying to put it on all while telling me to hurry up so I can walk him to the cones so he can go see Miss A.

I say goodbye and attempt to give him a hug and kiss, but he is long gone walking into school with Miss A.

Ahh puppy love, gotta love it!