Sunday, September 28, 2008

A birthday soon!

The diva is turning 3 on Thursday! Yea!!! I can't believe my little girl is going to be 3, I was looking back at pictures from when she was born and I can remember it all like it was yesterday!

She is very excited and know she will get cake and presents. She keeps walking around telling people she is going to be three. What a doll!

We had a great relaxing weekend at home, the last one now for a long time lol.

We hung out as a family, did a little shopping and a lot of playing. I told the kids the baby is going to be here very very soon and that things might be a little strange around here for a few weeks until we get our groove on, and bless their hearts they both just look at me and smile and say ok mom! We can be good helpers!

Here is a pic of Wyatt and Lucy when Lucy was just born, just in case you can't remember ;)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Potty Training is NOT fun!

The diva turns 3 here in about a week ands she is not potty trained. I don't think it's that big of a deal, but with baby coming here very soon, we were hoping to get her trained so I only have 1 in diapers full time. So we started last Thursday. It started out well, and for the most part it is going well.

She pees on the potty and has pooped a few times as well.

But then there are times where she either refuses to go on the potty, or just plain out forgets and I am stuck cleaning up a big puddle. Ick. We got her some new undies, and I think we are on the right path, just not 100% yet.

I know we will get there, but it's just frustrating. This is one of those things that I wish I could skip over and have her magically be 100% trained lol

Here is a pic of her and her new undies:

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Less than 2 weeks!

So I had my ultrasound and doctor appt today. I am 36 weeks and some odd days and they wanted to see how big the baby is measuring. So the diva and I went, she had her bag packed with toys and snacks to keep her busy.

Got into the u/s room and told the tech that we don't know what it is, and don't want to etc...just in case he didn't remember. He puts the wand on and there is our beautiful baby, head down and huge! He did all the measurements twice, just in case and both time the baby came back as 9 pounds +! Lucy got to hear the heartbeat which she thought was so cool and we got to see the baby's face, this baby has some chubby cheeks!

After the ultrasound I got to see my doctor, I love this guy, he is just fab! I got checked and I am 1cm dilated and very soft. He would like to induce now because of baby's size, but since I am still just 36 weeks, we need to wait. I go back on Monday the 29th and if I am still pregnant by then, I will be induced the following Monday, the 6th! We are so excited! Less than 2 weeks to go until we meet our beautiful rainbow baby!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A great fall day!

We headed up to the cabin today for a day trip. We needed to get the dock, boat and boatlift out. We went with my sister and her family and my mom. It was a warm breezy day, perfect to get everything done.

The boys got the the stuff out on their own, since Em and I are pregnant, we can't help much. We had a great lunch of homemade chicken noodle soup, thanks Nana, and went back out to play. The boys chopped some wood for grandpa, the kids ran around the yard and played, pretty soon they were all shirtless from being so hot.

Here are some pictures, remember you can click on them to make them larger!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

2 Silly Gooses

Here are some silly gooses for your viewing pleasure!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Now Wyatt is only 5, but he got more flustered yesterday that I have ever seen him. It's all about his little friend at school, Miss A. As we were pulling into the church parking lot yesterday morning for school, I saw a girl and her mom walking up to the doors. Wyatt screamed out "Hey! There is Miss A!" He was so excited, he told me to park quick, which I did and proceeded to jump out of the van holding his mama puppy. For those of you that don't know about mama puppy, it's a stuffed dog that Wyatt has to sleep with everynight. Most times she takes a car ride with us to school and stays in the van until we pick Wyatt up.

I get out as he starts to walk up to the front of the van to go into school and ask him if he is forgetting something, he looks down, realizes he has mama puppy instead of his backpack and goes "oh yeah oops" and giggles. All the while looking for Miss A. He puts mama puppy down and goes to the front of the van again. I ask him one more time, are you forgetting something, and he looks down and sees his backpack. Grabs it and is trying to put it on all while telling me to hurry up so I can walk him to the cones so he can go see Miss A.

I say goodbye and attempt to give him a hug and kiss, but he is long gone walking into school with Miss A.

Ahh puppy love, gotta love it!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Apple Orchard Fun!

We took the kids to the apple orchard yesterday, I was meeting some girlfriends there and we usually try to go every year anyway. We are not the picking type, lol, so we usually go let the kids play on the huge playground, let them feed the goats and other animals, take a hayride then we buy a bag of pre-picked apples in the store part. We are so city, we know lol

The kids had a great time, it was a little wet and the weather looked like it was going to downpour at any moment, but we got our family fun in. Here are some pictures! You can click on the pictures to see them better!

Friday, September 12, 2008

A girlfriend already?

So Wyatt has been in school for what, 9 days now and I am already hearing stories about him and a girl in his class. We will call her Miss A. Every single day Wyatt comes home and gushes about Miss A, how they got to play outside, how she made notes for him, how they sat next to each other at chapel.

It's so cute! If you mention girlfriend to him of course you get the Wyatt look and either he runs off all embarrassed, or he scowls and tells you no, she is my friend.

I guess they play this game at recess called "mama and baby puppy" sometimes it's "mama and baby chicks" From what he tells me Miss A is the mama puppy, Wyatt is the baby puppy and they run around the playground being puppies. Sometimes a friend of theirs is the dog catcher and will throw them in the pound when they are being bad. What an imagination!

Wyatt has to save all the notes from Miss A, they are stored away in a special spot that I am not supposed to know about. When I asked him if he ever wrote notes back to her, he rolled his eyes at me and said " no mom, only girls write notes" Oh well, excuse me lol!

We are thrilled that he has made such a good friend at school.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Remembering Everett

Today is one year from when we found out that our sweet son Everett passed away. I was 16 weeks pregnant. The past year has been full of very emotional high's and lows. I can say this has been our toughest year.

We decided to remember Everett by doing a balloon release in his memory. So the kids decorated balloons, Mark and I wrote messages to Everett and we all went out in the backyard and let them go. It was a beautiful, windy warm fall day, just like the day we found out we lost him.

Here are some of the pictures from the balloon release

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Line Leader

Wyatt informed us yesterday that he is line leader all this week at school. We got a 10 minute speech of what a line leader does and how cool it makes him feel. Wyatt just cracks us up with his words! So far school has been wonderful for him and he is still up early every morning wanting to get to school.

Lucy is loving having some mama and Lucy time, every morning we cuddle and watch a movie. She is a huge helper when it comes to getting baby things ready. Here is a sample of what she says: "mom when the baby comes hers go in the swing, I feed hers, hers sleep with me" She is going to be a wonderful help in a few more weeks. I just have this feeling though that I will find the baby missing one time and find out that Lucy has picked him/her up.

Speaking of baby we are in the 3-5 week wait! We have gotten most of the things ready, there is not much left to do. Some things of course we can't do until the baby is here, like wash clothes. Since we decided to have a surprise this time around we have to wait until delivery to find out what we are having, then Mark has to come home and wash the tubs with either boy or girl newborn clothes.

I am getting very excited and can't wait to have a sweet small infant in my arms.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Wy's First day of School!

It's offical, our little guy is ready for school, ready to become a kindergartner! Wyatt woke up bright and early ready to go. We all walked him in, sat with him through chapel, then said our goodbye's and he was off! I picked him up at 3:30 that afternoon and he had a great time!

Monday, September 1, 2008


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